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Quotes Afters months of debating in my head...I got the urge to send my few important questions.... My results were amazing and I got more from it that I realised...some confirmation ....and realisation....made me remember things I didn't think were important...very VERY impressed . Thank you Quotes
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Quotes Adrian is amazingly accurate in his readings. I've had a couple of readings during 2012 which have helped set the course of my year and given me the confidence to know I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes Adrian has come up with some obscure aspects of my life which I didn't expect, but has given me more confidence in his abilities. I'm looking forward to further readings in the coming year, and highly recommend him. His no-nonsense approach is refreshing and welcome. Quotes
Maria Del Sol
Very satisfied client

Quotes Have had a couple of amazing and accurate readings from Adrian! The information is so accurate and he says it as it is, no padding it out which is brilliant! I'm booked in for another reading and have recommended to a friend who is in the process of sorting her questions! Quotes
Very happy customer!

Quotes Had many good readings before and got recommended to try Adrian and i must say i have never had one that has been so revealing . I am so amazed at what he said and what has not just happened in the past but was has happened within 2 weeks of being told it will even down to a correct name . i will be back and so will my friends. Quotes
Lisa Murray
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